31 August 2010

Three Poems - of sunflowers, sand and standing together

To Clytie

My dearest one (the sunflower)
I know when autumn calls -
leaves and seeds (and tears)
fall to the ground to lay asleep until
the summer sun returns.
And so does he come.
Out of the darkest days comes the burning ball.

My dearest one (the sunflower)
soak up those rays of light
and grow inch by inch.
Be strong and bloom.
Be bold,
show your fullest love,
pull up your head full face to the sun.

My dearest one (my sister)
On each new day turn again,
turn and turn again and see the sun.
Blaze like him.
Love him again.
Live in the rays and
hold your head high.

My dearest one (my sister)
I know,
yes, I know.
He is the song of your heart.

Vanessa Stone © 2010

The Sand in my Hand

Standing with the sun on my back
I can hear the swoosh of the waves
coming and going.
Their movements are as timeless as the sun rising and setting.
I know that the warm dry sand in my hand,
that slips through my fingers
is the most beautiful thing
in my world at this moment.
It's like liquid, the grains joined and intimate,
touching so close that there is no air between them.
I am so happy, but I know in its beauty
I have to let the sand fall through my fingertips.
It must fall away into the wind,
into the air,
into space.
I have no choice.
I long to hold it forever but I know I have to let it go.
And so the waves swoosh
coming and going,
coming and going,
coming and going.

Vanessa Stone © 2010


Let us stand you and I

Let us stand you and I
amidst this mad crowd
in a quiet stillness that
belongs only to us.
And in that stillness
let me always love you.
Let my petals fall on your shoulders
and I will wrap you in silk.
It is my whispered touch on your skin.
Let us stand together, you and I -
amidst this mad crowd.

Vanessa Stone © 2010

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