12 August 2010

A Philippe Jaccottet poem

I bought a small book of Jaccottet's poems and loved them instantly. Clean, mysterious... my kind of poetry.

Leaning out of the window tonight
I saw that the world was without weight
and there were no more obstacles. All
that detains us by day appeared, moreover,
to take me through one door after another
in an abode of water, towards something
as frail and luminous as the grass
I was about to enter without fear,
giving thanks for the freshness of the earth.
in the steps of the moon I said yes and off I went.

from Ignorance (1957) by Philippe Jaccottet


Anonymous said...

This reminds me, a little, of how Frank O'Hara used to write.

My favourite (of his) is "Having a coke with you".


Thanks to the wonder that is YouTube you can even watch and hear him read it despite his untimely death so many years ago...


Vanessa Stone - the Papercut Girl said...

hello Punctuation - I dont know Frank O' Hara at all, but looked up the link. I liked the poem a lot and even more so him reading it. What a fantastic voice and accent. It was a joy. Thank you.