21 August 2010

Doors and journeys and the number 88

Its going to be a funny posting this one. This is a door in Salisbury Cathedral Close. Nothing special in a way, just an entrance that someone thought would be more practical blocked off. It completely intrigues me though this ghost of a door. I have always been fascinated by doors. I have literally hundreds of photos of doors!! Its the designs partly, but its also the whole tantalising story of what's behind the door too. Where does it go? Who is behind it? Is there a whole new future if I was to step through it? How many people have walked through here on the same path? The same journey through that wooden frame? You see... it completely fires me up. Kick starts my imagination. I feel the excitement as I write this, the nervousness, the exhilaration of not knowing just whats through there, just whats around the corner.

This picture, of Hope House in Crane Street in the town, seemed to be saying something directly to me.

I have been feeling a bit weird lately, just unsettled and jangly inside. Going back to Salisbury (to stay over night at the Salisbury YHA last wednesday) always makes me feel better. Its a place that I can just connect to, even though the numbers of people I know there are counted on one hand! The ghosts there, the memories, the knowing that this is where I come from, where my mother is from is so powerful I can almost taste it in the air. Weird indeed. One day I have to return. I know that I must.

This number 88 is in Salisbury too.I love the number 88. Its so perfect,balanced, can be tipped upside-down and still be the same.Its a number of image integrity if you like, has a wholeness that I simply love.

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