24 February 2011

AudioBoo - my poems spoken - "About a father, about a life"

I have recently signed up to Audioboo. Its a sharing site for just audio, so a bit like Twitter and  Facebook, but its feels much more quirky and little and VERY easy to do. I simply love it as hearing someones voice is intimate and makes them feel like they are in the room with you. And so far I have found people talking and reflecting about their lives and their day to day thoughts along with musicians,and journalisty kind of audio clips from real news events around the world. I first thought I would use it so that you can hear me say my poems and talk about some of my work as hearing a voice adds and richen the experience of getting to know someone - but I think its going to be a broader use that that as I can just record stuff on my phone and post it. have a little tiny stab at making some sound pictures. Its a whole new world!

So here is my poem " About a father, about a life" read on AudioBoo. Have a listen!  CLICK HERE

"About a father, about a life"

Into this building we have all walked
All hear the echo of our footsteps and see the mark of them.
There are many floors - only three I have fully known.
You have climbed, trod many more.
And in that time, my hand held - looking up.
Doors you opened, window light bright, shadows few.
A cloak naturally assumed to be there.

(the thief in the shadows has been stealing your wings,
feather by feather by feather)

I opened doors too, alone, in this great bulk.
And am opening them still, little tear by little tear.
A cloak that’s now given, a hand held looking down.

©Vanessa Stone May 2009

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