16 July 2010

My mother's Sylko cotton reels

I have lots of things kept from my childhood like this. Not worth money but priceless. They are wooden and feel kind to hold. And they just dont compare to reels of now. They are from a different time, a different world in a way. I suppose they are loaded with meaning too. I have so few memories of her and so few things that belonged to her.Knowing she has used these, touched them, sewn with them as I too have threaded my needle and sewn with the same thread too - its a very powerful feeling of life's continuum and the connection we have even though it feels like we havent. Its such a simple little object yet in other ways its anything but that.
I bet there are hundreds of thousands of little objects around the world like this... kept in tins and tucked away in the loft. Little momentos of friends and family and lovers. And would I swap them for "pieces" that are worth anything? not in a billion years.

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